Captain Planet Foundation

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The Captain Planet Foundation™ invests in high-quality, solution-based programs that embrace STEM learning and empower youth to become local and global environmental change-makers. 

Educators, both classroom and informal, who are interested in receiving support for students to design and implement hands-on environmental solutions are eligible for project funding. Types of grants include: ecoSolution™ Grants that support youth-led solution-oriented projects, ecoTech™ Grants that support projects that utilize technology as part of an environmental solution, and ecoSTEM™ Kits that are ready-to-go environmental project-based learning activities in a box. 



Address: 133 Luckie Street, Atlanta, GA 30303. Fulton County. 

Tel: 404-522-4270 


Grade Levels Served: Elementary School, Middle School, High School   

Amount Awarded: $500-$2,500 

Deadline for Application: Varies 

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