History Museum Lesson Plan

Please note, this lesson plan was created by as a general guide and is not specific to any particular venue listed on our site.


A history museum or historical museum is a museum dedicated to presenting artifacts and exhibits reflecting the history of a particular nation, local level or a specific historical prospective or period.

History museums and historic houses or sites constitute the largest number of museums in the United States.


Research the history museums in your city and or state and their focus.

Focus on the history museum that you will be visiting. What is their mission and discuss the purpose of the field trip and how it relates to the current unit of study and the period of history.

Many museums offer teachers materials to help prepare their students for the visit. Many are online and you can download teacher and student material.

Annuals: the official records of an organization, arranged according to their date

Archive: a collection of historical documents and records about a place, organization, etc.; a place where you store historical documents and records.

Curator: someone whose job is to take care of the objects in a museum.

Museum: a building where many valuable and important objects are kept so that people can go and see them.

Social Studies: study of social relationships and the functioning of society and usually made up of courses in history, government, economics, civics, sociology, geography, and anthropology.

History: the study of past events; events of the past; past events that relate to a particular subject, place, organization, etc.

Historical: belonging to the past, not the present.

Exhibition: a public display of works of art or other items of interest, held in a gallery or museum.



– Analytic

– Hands-on art activities

– Observation

– Vocabulary development

– Writing


Create a history museum for your school/organization. Include:

– Its mission

– Its History (when it was opened, changes over the years)

– Leadership

– An exhibit for the school