When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time.

Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.

Begin to plan for Bullying Prevention Month October 2021: Educates children about the dangers of bullying and how to deal with it is essential and should start from Early Childhood and continue through High School. You can plan for virtual school assembly programs or in-person school assembly program for your school, scout troop or homeschool group.


Prismatic Magic provides educational and entertaining laser light virtual and in-person performances. Our programs are dazzling, and your kids will sing and cheer while they learn. In-Person Performances: Nationwide.


David Gonzalez brings myths, legends and true tales to life with extraordinary skill and humor at in-person and virtual school assembly programs. With more than 5000 live appearances he truly knows how to engage kids.


Ken is a former professional athlete who has spoken to over 250,000 students across the country about overcoming obstacles and substance abuse. In-person: Nationwide.


Powerful mental health message for youth and adults. Theatrical portrayals plus insightful processing guide identifying feelings and asking for help as needed. Stress management skills.

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As a result of COVID-19, much has changed with schools and how we teach our children. Even in these challenging times, the new form of school assembly programs-VIRTUAL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS, still provides valuable learning experiences.

An important part of learning is exploring new environments and learning about other cultures, helping to foster inclusion and understanding. People learn in different ways – through hearing, seeing, touching and doing. School Assembly Programs can provide this multi-dimensional learning experience for your school, scout and homeschool groups, helping to make connections that have been previously taught and helping to reinforce academic learning. Below are listings for virtual school assembly programs. The plus of virtual programs is that you select these programs from anywhere! Below are some selections for you. We will continue to provide information on virtual programming on our future blogs


A + Assemblies’ Extreme Science and Math-A-Magic are 45 min. virtual or in person school assembly programs. Lots of interaction with the students, scouts and camp groups throughout the show, having them perform in their environments.
ACTIVITY – STEM/STEAM, Science, Math & Nature Outreach, Virtual School Assembly Programs/Workshops.
GRADE LEVEL – Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School, High School
PROGRAM TYPE – Day Trips, Performances.
COST – Fee
GROUP TYPE – School, Scout, Camp, Homeschool
TEL – 888-725-8788

ASSEMBLYSHOWS.COM are more than just kaboom, whiz, poof, and bam! Watch science come alive either virtually for your at-home learners or live and in person for school assembly or camp programs.
ACTIVITY – STEM/STEAM, Science, Math & Nature Outreach, Virtual School Assembly Programs/Workshops
GRADE LEVEL – Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School
PROGRAM TYPE – Performances
COST – Fee
GROUP TYPE – School, Scout, Camp, Homeschool
TEL – 248-891-1900


DINOSAURS ROCK® bring The Museum To You – Virtual and Outreach! Giant exhibits! We’ll transform your space into a science museum with our highly interactive events. Five themes: Dinosaurs/Fossils, Sharks/Oceans, Insects, Rocks & Minerals, or Rocketry.
ACTIVITY – STEM/STEAM, Science, Math & Nature Outreach, Virtual School Assembly Programs/Workshops, Virtual Science Field Trips
GRADE LEVEL – Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School
PROGRAM TYPE – Day Trips, Self-Guided Activities, Guided Activities, Performances, Outreach, Virtual
COST – Fee
GROUP TYPE – School, Scout, Camp, School, Family
TEL – 845-368-3466


Virtual and in person performances, funny poet and author, Darren Sardelli, adds a new flavor and spin to poetry. He’s extremely passionate about writing and has a gift for getting all ages interested in poetry.
ACTIVITY – Author Appearances, Literature & Poetry, Virtual School Assembly Programs/Workshops
GRADE LEVEL – All Grades
PROGRAM TYPE – Day Trips, Performances
COST – Fee
GROUP TYPE – School, Scout, Camp, Homeschool
TEL – 516-658-1453


Cartoonist and teacher Paul Merklein inspires your students to Read more, Make positive choices, and Be super friends, not bullies. Virtual Programs for Reading, History and The Arts. In-person performances in IL, IA, IN, MI, MN, WI.
ACTIVITY – Anti-Bullying, Empathy & Tolerance, History Outreach, The Arts Outreach, Virtual School Assembly Programs/Workshops
GRADE LEVEL – Elementary School, Middle School
PROGRAM TYPE – Guided Activities, Performances
COST – Fee
GROUP TYPE – School, Scout, Camp, Homeschool, Family

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Free Calming Videos for Kids

Teachers and parents can use these free, calming videos to teach kids self-regulation and help them manage the stress of remote learning. Self-regulation is a necessary skill for dealing with emotions and navigating daily living.

These free, calming videos for kids promote self-regulation—a necessary skill for dealing with emotions and for daily living. Teachers and parents can incorporate them into a remote or blended learning routine to help young learners manage the stress of online school. In addition to using these videos, parents can support young children’s emotional needs by creating a “calm down” area at home and filling it with a calm-down kit or trying a simple massage after a warm bath, especially after a difficult day of virtual classes.

“Belly Breathe” with Elmo

In this video by Sesame Street, kids can learn to belly breathe with the help of Elmo, along with celebrities Common and Colbie Caillat. The calming breath technique will help them tame the “monster” within.

Cosmic Kids “Zen Den”

This relaxing yoga video for kids will help young learners stay calm and keep their minds “healthy and happy.” It’s great for soothing nerves or to use in preparation for bedtime.

“Melting” by GoNoodle

This melting flow by GoNoodle is a movement technique that kids can use when they feel scared, frustrated, or angry. They’ll feel that “icky frozen feeling” go away as they get moving and practice “melting.”

“Kids Mindfulness” by MyLife

This calming compilation by MyLife will help kids build calming superpowers. Four mindful games will guide them through breathing and relaxation techniques as they use their imaginations to navigate different scenes.

“Calm Body Calm Mind” by Netflix Jr.

This jam by Netflix Jr. is a mindfulness song for kids that will guide them through racing emotions to a state of calmness. The song teaches breathing and listening.

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Arts & Crafts at Home

Give kids a break from the screen with these educational arts and crafts projects created by credible arts institutions. Great for parents and educators, these hands-on art activities can help kids develop fine motor skills and foster their creativity.


Parents can help their children develop fine motor skills and foster creativity with these educational arts and crafts projects by credible arts institutions like the Berkshire Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Teachers can also use these institutions’ extensive lists of project prompts for arts-related assignments this fall. In the age of remote learning, hands-on art making is the perfect way to give kids’ brains a break from the screen.


The Andy Warhol Museum

Make a pop-up soup can with this video by the Andy Warhol Museum’s learning department or explore color with a “Happy Bug Day” coloring party. At-home activities by the Warhol Museum are designed to encourage critical thinking and new ways of looking at the world. See more here.


Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago provides a selection of collection-inspired art-making activities that encourage kids’ creativity. Each at-home project is paired with a piece from the collection, including a short explanation of the piece. See more activities, like creative writing prompts and coloring pages, by the Art Institute of Chicago here.


Berkshire Museum

Get doodling with the Berkshire Museum’s Daily Doodle prompts. Each prompt is thematic, focused on a topic like color or light, and encourages kids of all ages to discover new words and ideas through art. See more activities by the Berkshire Museum here.


Chrysler Museum of Art

Kids and grown ups can enjoy the Chrysler Museum of Arts’ family-friendly arts-related activities like these texture or shapes scavenger hunts. The museum’s coloring pages feature items from the collection that can be further explored. See more at-home activities by the Chrysler Museum here.


Amarillo Museum of Art

Exercise your brain with at-home arts activities by the Amarillo Museum of Art. Download these sheets to enjoy coloring the masters or connect the dots to create your own, fun creatures. See more activities—like scavenger hunts and shapes fun—by AMoA here.


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