NEA Foundation Student Success Grants

The NEA Foundation wants to support educators engaging students in project-based and deeper learning to support the development of skills and dispositions contributing to success and fulfillment in a changing world through their Student Success Grants.

The NEA Foundation invite applications from educator members, specialized instructional support personnel, and education support professionals to:
• develop and implement a project that will enhance students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
• develop and implement a project supporting personalized and experiential learning;
• support students’ mastery of essential academic content;
• support students’ cultural understanding and appreciation;
• promote students’ communication and collaboration skills; or
• enable students to engage in learning experiences connected to real-world issues and challenges.

APPLICATION INFO: Application Period: June 16-October 15, 2021. 2021 Notifications: December 15, 2021

supports classroom learning in:
The Arts, Life Skills, History, Science & Technology

contact info
Phone: 620-663-5293
Email: [email protected]


Grade Level: All Grades


NEA Foundation Student Success Grants

The National Education Association (NEA) Foundation is a national nonprofit and philanthropic organization based in Washington, DC. Founded by educators, our mission is to work in partnership with others to promote the absolute best in public education. We believe that the most innovative and effective policies and strategies emanate from educators engaged in authentic partnership with policymakers, students, parents, and others who are committed to educational equity, excellence, and opportunity.

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