Chapel Hills Farm and Nursery

Chapel Hills Farm and Nursery is a family-owned garden center with shrubs, annuals, perennials, seasonal produce, holiday flowers and decorations, and more. The nursery hosts the Perry Hall Apple Festival, awesome haunted hayrides, and a fall festival.

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Hrs: Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday-Sunday 9AM-5PM.

Farm Lesson Plan


The average American may eat 125 pounds of potatoes each year, but corn is actually America’s number one field crop, providing ingredients for cereals, peanut butter, snack foods and soft drinks. The average person eats 68 quarts of popcorn a year alone! Use a trip to an agricultural farm to find out where our fruits and vegetables come from. Compare organic, pesticide-free, and genetically engineered crops. Research the products made possible by crops grown in the U.S. (shampoos, crayons, and baseball bats all come from agricultural products, for example). Ask your local farm about the benefits of eating local or growing your own garden.

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