Hartford Symphony Orchestra

Hartford Symphony Orchestra offers special pricing on its regular performances for students, and an array of in-school programs. Attend a concert from the Masterworks series, to hear the works of the world's most famous composers; or attend POPS!, to hear the Orchestra tackle American cultural heritage, and some of its favorite musical hits.

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The Discovery Concert series is geared toward giving students a classical music education with shows that range from the whimsical to the historical; connecting music with cultural themes. The Symphony in Schools program brings HSO chamber ensembles into the classroom for interactive performances that explore instruments, composers, and musical periods; activities might include participating as music makers on rhythm instruments, learning beat patterns, exploring popular tunes with a jazz twist, and more. The Instrument Zoos program, ideal for younger learners, explores the mechanics and sounds of the instruments in a hands-on laboratory.

supports classroom learning in:
Performing Arts

topics covered:
performing arts, classical music, instruments, jazz, orchestra, music, theater

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Name: Miriam Engel
Phone: 860-760-7328.
Email: mengel@hartfordsymphony.org


Grade Level: All Grades Group Size: n/a. Program Type: Performances. Recomm. Length of Visit: 50 minutes-3 hours. Recommended Ratio of Youth to Chaperones: n/a.Recommended Ratio of Youth to Chaperones: n/a.Recommended Ratio of Youth to Chaperones: n/a. Registration: Online. Food Options: n/a. Cost: Fee Title I or Financial Support: n/a. Accessible To: n/a.


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